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Dondus Khan
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Author:  Dondus [ Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Dondus Khan

Dondus Khan
Player: Dondus
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: White
Height: 3 feet
Weight: 70 lbs.
Religion: Argus
Date of Birth: 40 yrs. old

Dondus is a Gnome from Sergaire in the Kingdom of Mennald. He is a priest of Argus. Dondus's father is the religious and cultural leader for the small Gnome community living in Sergaire. His father is a priest of Kraeth and the Gnomes of Sergaire follow Kraeth. Dondus's father is an active tinkerer, mechanic and engineer as are most of the Gnome community. Dondus is somewhat of an outcast among Sergaire's Gnome community as he enjoys spending his time reading, going to plays, and laughing while drinking tea with friends. To somewhat of his father's disappointment, Dondus chose to follow Argus instead of Kraeth. While not fitting in with the Gnome community of Sergaire, Dondus has now chosen to go to Port Aeronon. He wants to go to a somewhat larger city where he can meet Gnomes his own age and other likeminded individuals. None of his friends at home are Gnomes and he longs to be with Gnomes that he can relate to. There are not very many Gnomes in Sergaire and those that are there are not very cosmopolitan. Many of the other inhabitants of Sergaire are not comfortable with Gnomes. Dondus finds Sergaire comfortable, but feels the need to move on. He is apprehensive about leaving his home, friends and family, but he is very excited about his new life.

Dondus is 3 feet tall. He has a protruding belly, a long white beard, and he is bald on top, with white hair. He always wears his read con shaped hat, which is a staple of his culture as he loves his culture and longs to be closer to it on his own terms. He is bespectacled and wears bright colors, usually red and green robes.

Dondus is an erudite bookworm who loves the arts. He is very individualistic and enjoys the company of other non-conformists. He is often viewed as lazy because he likes to read, see plays, visit with friends, and lounge with a beverage. He has an unusual sense of humor and likes to take trips and adventures. He does not like working unless it involves writing or the arts somehow or serving Argus.

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