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 Post subject: Slydastronkrieg
PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2013 6:42 pm 

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Character Name: Slydastronkrieg, roughly translated meaning War Drake, as his traditional red dragon name.

Species/Race: Red Dragon.

OPTIONAL: He's a pure-bred dragon.


Birth Year: Month unknown (He's never celebrated a birthday), 731AD

Chronological Age: 16 years

Apparent Age: He's in the young dragon category, approaching juvenile.

National Allegiance & Loyalties: Sly has never visited any place other than Morgai, so his loyalties probably lie with Morgai itself, where he has met his friends and learned about human society.

Faith & Religion: Sly is aware that the primals exist, but has not yet picked one as he knows very little about the primals in general. He will probably lean towards Lothos though, and it wouldn't take much effort to convince him to take up that religion.

Personality Assessment: Sly is usually quite jolly and care-free, preferring to eat, drink and be entertained when he's not busy on one of his 'adventures'. He often daydreams of fame and fortune, but his plans are often sidetracked by his various distractions as he leaps from one scheme to another. He is extremely friendly, even to strangers, and often very trusting and gives almost anyone the benefit of the doubt.

Sly favors what he considers 'goodguys', and is often unhappy with people who display evil and wicked tendencies. He'll often try to change the minds of 'badguys' and convince them to come over to his side, feeling like even bad people can become good if they're willing to do so. Despite being a red dragon, he's not evil and has inherited only a few of the typical red dragon personality traits.

Sly is a young dragon larger than the largest breed of dogs. When standing on his back legs, he is about 5'10" and he weighs approximately 250lbs. He has a decent wingspan, and something of a pot belly which shows that he loves eating and drinking. His scales are a deep, beautiful crimson which fades to pinkish at his throat, belly and underside. His scales are silk-like smooth to the touch, and pleasantly warm. He smells faintly of cinnamon, which is his natural scent. His eyes are slitted in dragon fashion, gold and black.

Sly was born in unknown lands in the lair of his mother, a fierce red dragoness who jealously guarded her treasure hoard from even her offspring. For most of his life Sly was free to roam the territory of his mother, climbing trees, exploring forests, swimming and generally being happy and carefree. His mother would often leave for weeks and months at a time as she sought out treasures to bring back to her lair, which she would take to her private treasure room and store. Sly was never allowed to visit her treasure room, because his mother assumed that one day Sly would grow large and powerful and become a threat to her.

On his own, Sly would read books from his mother's collection and daydream of someday going out into the world to explore and become a hero. It came as a surprise one day when his mother returned from a lengthy trip and summoned Sly to her presence. She presented him with a pawful of silver and copper coins, and then told him that he needed to leave. He could no longer be allowed in her territory, because he was relatively self-sufficient and would eventually become competition to her. She created a portal, and promptly kicked Sly through it, where he appeared near Morgai to start his life. He does not know where his mother's lair is at, or even what lands it is in, and thus can never return.

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