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 Post subject: Changelog: Imperia Revisions
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 12:30 am 
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Tome of Paradox Revisions
Imperia Changelog: March 24th, 2014
Welcome back, Players of Imperia. As many of you may be aware, the setting has undergone some serious changes following the retconned events of the Occupation and Runeblade Story Arcs run by Josh2. Many of these changes affect players and their characters in major ways, as well as pivotal points in Imperia's history as a game and setting.

This changelog exists to provide clarity and understanding of the many changes liable to be taking effect, including but not limited to storyline elements, the nations, and characters themselves. As with previous uses of the Tome of Paradox, players have the right to amend their character histories to meet requirements to their satisfaction. To make amends, consult an Imperia Staff Member (Zarak or Kumensia presently) and work with them to determine your character's alterations, if any.

Please note that my own purpose here is purely as recorder to the changes taking place. Aside from my own characters and plot elements, I do not determine nor decide upon any other factors.
This changelog is pending review and approval from Imperia Staff and Operators.

Changelog Index:
  1. Tome of Paradox Entry & First Impact
  2. Faction & National Alterations
  3. Historical & Event Alterations
  4. Character & Player Asset Alterations

(Expect a lot of edits to be going on here as additional posts are appended!)

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 Post subject: Changelog 01: ToP Entry & First Impact
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 12:47 am 
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Tome of Paradox Entry:
Written by: Sin'kev Morakev
"The D.I.S. Victory-B under the command of Captain Cypheris McFadden, does not go on Mission: Hardork"

Tome of Paradox: First Impact
  • Days before Mission: Hardork, Captain Cypheris McFadden is killed in action by a surprise Shadow Knight attack. Baiganx Windfire takes command of the D.I.S. Victory-B and undertakes Mission: Hardork in his stead. Under Captain Windfire's command, the Victory-B and Damocles Fleet arrive 12 hours after Captain McFadden's original arrival.
    • No shots are fired into the Hardork Portal, as the enemy fleet has already arrived.
      As a result, a rift to Imperia-Zero (Parallel Dimension) is never opened.

Fate is fickle; what you see is not what you get...

 Post subject: Changelog 02: Faction & National Alterations
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 2:12 am 
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Faction/National Alterations

Cross Industries/The Cross Family
  • Without the rift to Imperia-Zero forming during Mission: Hardork, Alarin-Zero does not discover the key aspect required to cross dimensions. Alarin-Zero never crosses to Imperia-Prime to assume the place of that dimension's deceased Alarin.
    • Alarin Cross (Prime) is acknowledged as deceased. No other versions of him exist to suggest otherwise.
    • Without Alarin-Zero to control the Cross Family assets, Obadiah Cross assumes his place in Cross Industries and Cross Family assets.
      However, the lack of Alarin-Zero's ingenuity sets back many of the Industry's magitech advancements.
    • Other Magitech Companies, Xyris Industries and Egil Arms, remain in competitive business due to the lack of Alarin-Zero's magitech monopoly.

House Windfire
  • As a result of Baiganx Windfire taking on Mission: Hardork, Captain Windfire remained on duty in the Damocles Fleet for several more years, missing his opportunity to court Belle Sufan. They never met again.
    • Daedric Windfire and Gwenna Sufan were never born.

Persanthia/Hessenarth relations to Damocles
  • Alarin-Zero's influence in Damocles Court was critical for Persanthia and Hessenarth achieving their independence. Instead, Obadiah Cross enforces Damocles rule over these two vassal states.
    • Hessenarth does not achieve independence. It instead remains a vassal of the Damocles Empire.
    • Persanthia's attempt at diplomatic independence is thwarted by Obadiah Cross.

  • Alarin-Zero's arrival in Imperia-Prime led to a state of confusion amidst Damocles officials laying their original Alarin to rest. Without Alarin-Zero's presence, no confusion exists to be taken advantage of.
    • As a result, Sin'kev is unable to locate Alarin-Prime's spirit and raise him as Harbinger.
    • Instead, Charlock offers his services to Sin'kev as her loyal lieutenant.
  • Charlock later cuts his allegiances to Sin'kev, betraying her and using her resources to unleash a necromantic plague upon Endor, the Capitol of Nore Quenderin. The land becomes the undead necropolis Ael'Jhori, but never progresses into a flying island state.
    • Due to differing allegiances, the Howling Banshee Inn is never built in Ael'Jhori. Instead, it is originally built in Greyhelm run by Seskiliath Morakev, who has been punished with mortality for his failure to secure the Morakev Temple in Sin'kev's name.
    • Because the lives of Endor's people were sacrificed to a cause other than Vertax's, Vertax is unable to take a temporary form in Imperia. As a result, Sin'kev never conceives Vertax as a Living Primal.

Fate is fickle; what you see is not what you get...

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 Post subject: Changelog 03: Historical & Event Alterations
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 2:13 am 
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Historical/Event Alterations

Vertaxian Terror Attacks on Tantallon
  • Without Harbinger's existence, the Vertaxian Extremist attacks on Tantallon were not possible on the scale witnessed, if even at all.
    • Thus, Evil-Jerick's Tantallon Necro-Bombings of Ensharite Orphanages and Child Executions did not occur. Harbinger was not present to deploy Jerick in this fashion.
    • The joint assault on Nul'ggroth Temple and Tantallon Castle also does not occur without Harbinger's leadership. As such, neither Viviel Morakev nor Rhyssa Perriltia were slain during that time.
  • Sin'kev never became the 'Vertaxian Queen of Greyhelm' since Vertax wasn't born. She never became responsible for 'Kill on Sight' crimes in the eyes of Axius.

Persanthia: War in Ithrion
  • Due to Damocles opposition of Persanthian independence, Persanthia openly declares itself an independent nation and forcibly removes Damocles influence. Damocles declares war on Persanthia shortly after, when the nation is revealed to be in possession of Damocles Justice Biomissiles.
    • The 'War in Ithrion' becomes a Damocles Campaign spearheaded by hired heroes from Axius to secure an outpost for Damocles invasion of Persanthia's capitol. The Ithrion Campaign is a success. With a forward base established, the Damocles Fleet crushes the Persanthian uprising.

The Sixth Age (Now Hardork Incursion)
  • Because the way to Imperia-Zero was never opened during Mission: Hardork, no bridge ever opened for forces from Damocles-Zero to enter Imperia Prime and attack Axius.
    • The events of the Sixth Age did not occur. Instead, Hardork forces engaged in a skirmish between Axius and Greyhelm that would come to be known as the Hardork Incursion.
    • The Hardork Incursion pinned Axius, Hardork, and Greyhelm against each other over the Neutral Zone of Sarhl, primarily as a Hardork raid against Axius holdings. When Vertaxians of Greyhelm tried to escalate the incursion into all out war by attacking Hardork, Hardork was forced into a necessary alliance with Axius to face a common foe.
      • The cease-fire between Hardork and Axius allowed trade between the two nations, introducing Hardork firearms, technologies, and merchandise to Axius. They are still rare and expensive for the average Axian, however.

The Nightmare Siege of Tantallon
  • As the structure that became VanZant Tower was never claimed by Alastor or Maraius (now known as Orius Tower), the Nightmare fog was not unleashed by Maraius or the heroes trying to stop him.
    • Instead, Orius Tower was manipulated by the Lich Charlock to unleash nightmare energies over Tantallon, triggering the events of the Nightmare Siege.
    • Kellian Orthos, the painter, was not in Tantallon at that time, thus was not killed and claimed by the Nightmare during the Siege.

The Tantallon Occupation
  • Without Harbinger to produce the Indoctrination or rally Shadow Knight forces, the 749AD Occupation of Tantallon is rendered impossible. It, and the events leading up to it never occurred.

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 Post subject: Changelog 04: Character & Player Asset Alterations
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 4:11 am 
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Character & Player Asset Alterations
Sorted into Alphabetical Order (Player Name)

Dairun (Cody)
Corinth Alten
  • Without Alarin-Zero's presence in Cross Industries, Corinth was instead hired by Obadiah Cross.
    • Excluding the Explorer Mk1, all of Corinth's inventions under Alarin Cross do not exist.
    • Corinth does, however, possess dual citizenship with Axius and Damocles. He also enjoys his personal office and a substantial salary under Obadiah's employ.

Dairun Anelir
  • Dairun was not involved with any elements that have been altered or removed from the setting. No changes.

Losien Averi
  • Without Alastor VanZant's cure for vampirism, Losien never became mortal and thus never died.
    • As a result, Losien maintains his Tantallon properties, businesses, and airship holdings.

Silvin Forza
  • Alastor's influence as Silvin's master, along with his many tools and crafts bestowed upon him, led Silvin onto a path of cosmic scaling. Without the Half-Blood Titan's presence however, Silvin strayed from wizardry to focus on his roots in frost magic sorcery.
    • Silvin has lost his avatar and frost giant form abilities, along with a significant portion of his cosmic powers (CRS ranking is now Expert/5 from Ascendant/6).
  • Much of Silvin's necessity to acquire power came from his conflict with the Dark Mage Maraius. As Maraius was not present to threaten Imperia, Silvin embraced a different path in life.
    • Silvin did not enter the War in Ithrion. Instead, he visited Xixecal where he developed speed and flexibility in his sorcerous talents.

Tillian Orvin
  • Tillian originally became a dark servant of Naadir when he engaged upon a mission with Sin'kev and Damian to confront the necromancer Naadir. McFadden's pre-emptive death and the events of Ael'Jhori have changed the timeline so that this mission never occurred.
    • Tillian is now reverted to his personality and status as it was immediately after the Hessenarth Grand Tournament of 748AD, without fluctuations beforehand.

Estishia (Sarah)
Estishia Orthos
  • Since Harbinger did not exist to plan and execute the Tantallon Occupation of 749AD, Estishia was never captured at Waypoint.
    • Thus her Atlantean abilities were never stolen.

Kellian Orthos
  • Without the presence of Jason McFadden and others in her life, Kellian strayed from the path of a warrior. Instead, she became a sorceress of minor repute.
    • Due to this, Kellian was not in Tantallon during the Nightmare Siege. As a result, she was never slain, nor her soul consumed by the Nightmare.

Tyvon Linor
  • Since Jerick was not able to commit his Tantallon Terror Attacks in the name of Vertax, Tyvon was unable to expunge his record by hunting him. Instead, Linor cleared his name and his treachery to Axius by hunting down other enemies of the nation.

Kumensia (Jewel)
Ithaar Morakev
  • Since the events that led to Sin'kev's escape from Tantallon and kidnapping of Viviel never occurred, Ithaar was never demoted by the Temple of Nul'ggroth. He retains his rank as overseer of the Nul'ggroth Temple in Tantallon..

Kumensia Lunadriel
  • As Gwenna Sufan never existed to impose on Kumensia's relationship with Calan Avrius, the two never divorced.
  • Kumensia received her Therilmorian Mistwalker Airship from Obadiah Cross at the behest of Kanaras Lunadriel, instead of as a gift from Alarin-Zero.

Sin'kev Morakev
  • Sin'kev never found and raised Harbinger as a lich. Instead, she inducted Charlock into her ranks as a lieutenant.
  • Charlock's actions regarding Ael'Jhori prevented Vertax from manifesting, thus preventing Sin'kev from conceiving Vertax as a Living Primal.
    • Sin'kev never became Vertax's Queen as a result. Instead, she remained a Champion of Vertax.
      • Sin'kev's fall from power (Rawblade's mindwarp and Vertax's banishment to Tantallon) never occurred.
      • In the eyes of Axius Law, Sin'kev is not of pariah status. She is permitted within the nation and its cities so long as she behaves (like any other citizen).

Viviel Morakev
  • Because Jerick never launched Pro-Vertaxian attacks on Tantallon, Viviel was not killed in an assassination attempt by the rogue.
  • Since Sin'kev was never banished to Tantallon by Vertax, the sequence of events that led to Sin'kev's escape (and kidnapping of Viviel) to Greyhelm never occurred.
    • As such, Viviel was never turned into a vampire.
  • The events that led to the death of Viviel's unborn baby and her infertility by Rarl Magrund still occurred. However, since Belle was not present to slay Rarl, the Verax Mercenary is still at large.

TheDivineOrder (TDO)
Delvas Kalstadt
  • Nope. Still dead as a door nail.

Kersi Star-Sent
  • During Kersi's arrest and pending execution by Persanthia's Black Knight Valan Draeydus, she was rescued through the political power of Obadiah Cross (instead of Hederius Windfire).
    • Obadiah offered Kersi a position as one of his agents, which she defiantly refused in an attempt to find her own way. In 748AD, after a traveling the windy road of her career, Kersi finally returns to accept his offer.
    • Under Obadiah's directive, Kersi enters the War of Ithrion to aid in quelling the Persanthian uprising. Other missions that would have originally been given to her by Alarin-Zero are now given to her by Obadiah Cross, with his objectives in mind.
  • Without the efforts of Division 7 secretly supporting Kersi during her scouting mission into the Drae-ite Grove, some changes have occurred to the outcome.
    • Kersi did not kill Draestasha, since she did not have an abyssal dagger to do so with. Instead, the half-drow grabbed Lulu and fled the grove. Her recording crystal captured sufficient evidence to convince Axius that Draestasha had corrupted the grove, and needed to be dealt with.
    • Due to the changes, Kersi was not brutally maimed and injured during her scouting mission. However, her joining Axius Intelligence, later kidnapping by Draestasha, and other events are unchanged.
  • Kersi still infiltrates Ael'Jhori, but with an agenda to discover Charlock's plots and ambitions.
    • An Axius Intelligence Operative at the time, Kersi tries to act on her discoveries regarding Charlock, but is held back by AI protocols and orders enforced by Lyncor's Successor and Chief of Intelligence.
    • Between Kersi's disagreements on AI's handling of the Charlock situation and AI's suspicion of Kersi's loyalties, she is removed from service and forced to leave Ael'Jhori.

Levayin Avyntide
  • As Jerick's Child Executions and Enshar Orphanage Bombing did not take place, Levayin was not involved in that affair.
    • Because of this, Levayin no longer views Sin'kev as a nemesis of Axius. However, he still shares a great dislike for anyone serving Vertax.
  • No other changes.

Xinariel D'Lithyri
  • No changes, other than her presence in Gerald Van Heer and Alarin Cross' meeting as instead between Van Heer and Obadiah Cross regarding a possible project contract.

The Seryntur (Shadow's Eve Campaign)
  • No changes.

WeaselMaster (Chris)
  • Pending input.

Keylun Erascen
  • Keylun never went to Sirius and became a Priest of Taidet.
    • Instead he was granted a knighthood in New Gilnarius and spent some time on his estate there.
    • He is still learning advanced fire magics from an old Taidetan bible he found there.

Ximena Hierathia
  • No changes, other than her disobedience against Charlock's Nightmare Siege of Tantallon resulted in her removal from the Excilion Arcanum Foundation.

Fate is fickle; what you see is not what you get...

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