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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:17 am 
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Beside each poster/account you will find many different rank icons. This post will explain to all, each rank icon and it's purpose/meaning. Some ranks have specific graphical and font styles, to show them part of a particular group.

Account Ranks

The following is the list of account ranks, applied to a forum account. There are three training ranks (Aspirant, Initiate & Apprentice) and four veteran ranks (Member, Veteran, Elder & Paragon). Each rank denotes the overall experience a player has at Imperia, weighted to account for their understanding of the setting, activity level and stability.

All Players are required to have a Forum Account.

Image - Guest. Not an actual rank. The level of a person who has no forum account. At this level all they have is viewing access to a small handful of forum categories. Only enough to browse the basic information, access the various links, and see what is needed for a character application. The rest of the forum is invisible. To proceed further, one must register a forum account.
Image - Registered User. Not an actual rank. The level of a person has a forum account, but has yet to check in at #Imperia and become an Aspirant. At this level all they have increased rights, but not to much. They are given enough to post an introduction, submit a Provisional or Simple Application, and view a few additonal sections. To upgrade from this level, they need to either check in with Zarak at #Imperia or post an introduction post. This proves that they are not a Bot/Spammer. Over half of the forum however still remains invisible.
Image - Aspirant. The first actual rank. Gains the use of Private Messages and Account Avatars. This is a person who has checked in with Zarak at #Imperia or done an Introduction Post on the forum, thus getting a confirmed account. Gets an increasing amount of rights, providing them with more sections and tools for character creation. They have access to a majority of the forum, but not all of it. An Aspirant is usually a very new person, yet to establish themselves by being seen roleplaying in #Skull&Blade_Tavern and display basic competency with role play & grammar. Note: Any player without a Forum Account is considered an "Aspirant", and are forbidden from using #Grinding_Stone . They can make conditional use of #Imperia but are strongly urged to direct all OOC to #RPSchool and are able to lurk in #Skull&Blade_Tavern at their liesure. A Player without a Forum Account and not labeled Aspirant, is subject to a 14 Day Clock by which they must make a Forum account or show competent Role Play Skill in #Skull&Blade_Tavern else be asked to leave.
Image - Initiate. The second rank. Has an approved character using a Provisional Sheet and is playing at #Skull&Blade_Tavern. Has greater access, with only a small part of the Forum unavailable to them. Can view a few sections, but cannot utilize them. To upgrade past this level, they must complete and get approved, a Core Character Sheet, allowing them conditional play at #TwistedBlade_Inn and #Howling_Banshee_Inn.
Image - Apprentice. The third rank. Has either an approved Provisional Sheet OR an approved Core Character Sheet OR a sheet with an optional Combat Expansion Sheet as a work in progress. Is most likely a new person to #TwistedBlade_Inn and #Howling_Banshee_Inn or a veteran of #Skull&Blade_Tavern who wishes to not progress beyond SBT. This is the last "Training" Rank. Progression at this point, comes when you have either a Core Character Sheet AND a Combatant Expansion Sheet, or you have proven to otherwise be a skilled and stable member of the game and the community.
Image - Member. This is the first of the four veterancy ranks. This rank is given by default, when a person has either a Core Character Sheet AND a Combatant Expansion Sheet, or they have proven themselves before that point to be a competent and stable player of the game. Most of the forum, save for staff-related sections, are available to the person. People of this rank, have completed training, but are considered still new when compared to the veterans of the group. Progression past this point, is determined on evaulation. Also, only people of age 18 or above may progress beyond this point.
Image - Veteran. The second of the veterancy ranks. This person is a stable player, with some time under their belts. They have shown a firm grasp of many Imperia concepts, but could have a restrained involvement due to personal reasons, other matters or frequently gone to tend to other matters. A stipulation of this rank, and all after it, is the person must be 18 or above. The last hidden section, dealing with Adult themes, becomes visible.
Image - Elder. Next to the last veterancy rank, and likely the highest many will go. A trusted, active part of the game who helps with effecting changes to the setting. They have experience here, and have shown a firm grasp of many parts of the setting. This is one step below Paragon, and a person at this level is a vital pillar of the game.
Image - Paragon. The Inner Circle. Have full access, even access to the staff boards they aren't part of. They are people who have been with us for years, have staff positions and are an active part of running Imperia.

The Active Account Ranks

The following rank icons designate active Imperia accounts of active players who have been around within the last 1-3 months. This is an accurate accounting of the true size of Imperia, and the ranks are separated by how many posts one has accumulated. The Rank Icons, their title, and how many posts is required to obtain is is listed below.

Image - Pug: 0 Posts required, Default rank of all new account holders. Accounts that become inactive, and never pass this rank, are prone to deletion.
Image - Crata: 2 Posts required.
Image - Peasant: 3 Posts required, Best fitting of a new and beginner player who is taking their first steps into Imperia.
Image - Gremlin: 8 Posts required.
Image - Rogue: 15 Posts required.
Image - Minotaur: 25 Posts required.
Image - Ultimax: 50 Posts required. This is the threshold, upon which your account becomes immune to deletion. Upon your missing status or departure, you will be given the MIA or Expatriate rank instead and your posts kept.
Image - Lord: 75 Posts required.
Image - Wizard: 125 Posts required.
Image - Champion: 250 Posts required.
Image - Legend: 500 Posts required.
Image - Titan: 1,000 Posts required.

More ranks in this area will be added in the future, announcements of such stated in this thread's Edit/Update History.

Channel Operator (Op/@) Status Tags

Image - An Op (Or Half-Op) in #Imperia, our primary OOC/Out of Character Channel.
Image - An Op (Or Half-Op) in #TwistedBlade_Inn, the IC Channel set in Tantallon, Axius.
Image - An Op (Or Half-Op) in #Howling_Banshee_Inn, the IC Channel set on the floating island of Ael`Jhori.
Image - An Op (Or Half-Op) in #RPSchool, an Auxillary OOC Channel.
Image - A Staff Member of #Grinding_Stone, an Auxillary Out of Character Channel that acts as a relaxed discussion area for Non-Imperia topics.

Staff Tags

Image - Anthologist. This person is part of the Character Approval & Ratings staff and is able to help work on, critic and approve/reject submitted characters.

Image - Plotmaster. This person manages and runs Plots/Story Arcs/Adventures/Quests/Dungeon Crawls. Think of them as you would a "Dungeonmaster" at any table-top game.

Imperia Management Tags

Image - Quality Control. 2nd-In-Command of the Forums and Assistant Moderator of the Forums. Helps maintain the forum, handle issues arising from it and assists the admin in day-to-day affairs regarding it.

Image - Admin. Head of Imperia, Main Admin of the Forums. Runs the setting, the website and the forums.

Special Account Tags

Image - Emeritus. This is a person who, for either being an old veteran of Imperia who can no longer dedicate lots of time to the game and is an honored guest among Imperians. They hold a level of immunity in regards to their forum accounts being deleted, and come and go as they please. This rank is handed out rarely.

Image - Vagabond. This player is not as active as the others, but has given assurances or communicated an intent to one day return to Imperia once other matters/obligations become less demanding. They are best considered our "orbitting players" who drift in and out at random, appearing, RPing, then not to be heard from for several weeks before reappearing and RPing some more.

Image - MIA. Missing in Action. This player has not been seen in the last three months, and his or her return date is unknown. A person who has simply vanished off the face of the earth.

Image - Expatriate. A player who has left the game for good, and on good/friendly terms. They might not return, but their accounts are kept anyway should they decide to change their mind. All their posts are kept as archival and "canon" to the game setting.

Image - Banned. This player has broken a rule or committed some offense against the administration and players of Imperia. Hence, their accounts have been locked but retained. Information can usually be found about them in the Brig (A Subforum under the forum Grinding Stone)

Update/Edit History

5/11/12 11:50 PM CST - Imperia - Reset entire post, redid ranks. Original Edit history has been purged.
5/15/12 2:06 PM AU EST - Lyncor - Minor edit for clarity.
7/17/12 1:55 PM CST - Imperia - Removed Aspirant Rank, changed "Unregulated Imperia" to "Evestrum" and "Regulated Imperia" to "Imperia". Also added "Imperia & Evestrum Explained" at the top, directing people to #RPSchool if they have questions regarding the differences of the two.
8/11/12 3:23 AM CST - Imperia - Added Apprentice Rank, removed Neophyte (Imperia) rank, and removed all Evestrum Ranks.
8/26/12 5:23 PM CST - Imperia - Removed Age tags, cleaned up thread, redid primary ranks.
3/30/13 1:54 AM CST - Imperia - Changed #Grinding_Stone Staff tag and description.

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