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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:30 pm 
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If you are reading this, then you are likely new to Imperia. If you do have an account and have been here for some time already, then reading onward is optional.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Imperia?

Lyncor wrote:
Imperia is an IRC-based roleplaying community, situated on the Sorcerynet IRC Network.

If you're here, you're likely to have come either from the IRC channel itself or from the Imperia Website.

Imperia is an advanced, semi-freeform roleplaying setting with its own unique flavour. It has been in operation since 1996, and is still going strong with frequent roleplay and an active player base. In terms of player numbers, we're not as massive as some settings; but anything lacking in quantity is most definitely made up for in quality. The world is extremely fleshed out and developed, as can be learned by reading the website. Character approval is required, which is hopefully a relief to you! It serves as a quality control, weeding out the proverbial "Vegeta" and "Lady Sunshine Star Dragon the Half Vampire, Half Dragon Werewolf" characters of the roleplaying world.

If you're new, I'd like to extend my warmest welcome to you. Feel free to take a look around, and if you're interested, pop into #Imperia on Sorcerynet to say hello. Provided it's not the wee hours of the night, there should be someone around who's very willing to help you get established.

If you're looking for your keys, I'm sorry to say that they've been devoured by gremlins. If it's any consolation, they were apparently most delicious.

What is the Imperia Forum for?

First off, we want to thank you for visiting the Imperia Forum!

The Imperia Forum is the main hub for character creation and approval, as well as a good resource for setting information and player interactions. We have brainstorming threads for concepts and development, out of character threads, and even setting-related games for you to participate in. Read, explore, and have fun!

How do I submit a character for the setting?

Once you have a Forum Account, then please visit the Imperia Character Listings section to create an application for your character, which will then be reviewed for Approval.

Where does most of the activity at Imperia happen?

Most of our activity occurs on IRC on SorceryNet, in the channels #Imperia , #Twistedblade_Inn , #Tantallon , #Grinding_Stone and #RPSchool
If you have not yet visited us at #Imperia , please do so using the Mibbit Link found in the Front Door section or use an IRC Client such as mIRC and find us on /server and the channel #Imperia .

What is IRC? How do you use it?

IRC stands for Internet-Relay-Chat. Though old and considered by many to be outdated, it still proves itself as a reliable system for text-based real-time role play. A good information resource for using IRC is: which can walk you through many things such as the basics, recommended clients, etc.

We suggest you use a client such as mIRC (for PC), or XChat (Mac) or whatever you prefer. We have some client scripts on the forum for things such as cutscripts and quick nick changes.

Once set up, you can find us on with the channel #Imperia , which is our OOC (Out-Of-Character) lobby.

If you can't download a client at this time, feel free to use the #Imperia Chat link on our forum for a quick Mibbit connection.

What can I access without a Forum Account?

An Unregistered User/Guest has very limited view of the forum. They have no posting rights to any sections (This is done to prevent spam/abuse) and many sections are invisible to you. The sections you can see however are:

READ THIS FIRST! - This is the section you are at now. It serves as an informational section, for all people new to the forum. Guides aimed at helping people extremely new to both the forum and Imperia can be found here.

Introductions - After you have an account, we recommend you drop by here and introduce yourself to the other players. You don't have to do this, but it helps in trying to form friendships and in fitting in with the community.

#Imperia Chat - This connects you to the IRC channel of #Imperia , located at the IRC Server Sorcerynet ( From here, you can talk to players and staff.

Logs & Role Play After Action Reports - This section is where we post logs (Not ALL Logs, just those players want to volunteer up for posting) along with AARs (After Action Reports). If you want an immediate sample of our role play then this is the place to go.

Lessons - Finally, this section is where we toss up a few more advanced documents to help players both new and old learn and improve themselves. This section has been opened for your viewing pleasure, to help you learn more about Imperia.

What if I don't want to make/don't know how to make a forum account?

It is required to make full use of the board as well as to submit a character. If you don't know how to make an account, then come ask for help in #Imperia . If you don't want to make one, then please drop a line to and let us know why.

Okay, I have a forum account. Now what?

Go to Imperia Character Listings where you will find information on how to make and submit an application for your character. Character Creation: Template and Resource Kit (currently under construction) is a good place to start.

Feel free to visit #Imperia at any time! This is the best way to get to know the players and staff, and you can easily ask questions in channel if you are confused for any reason.

Latest Edit: Kumensia - 6/29/2015 - Updated information/changed up format and wording.

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