From this point, you have three options; We recommend you best select one based on your skill and knowledge of the setting. The fourth and fifth options are more direct paths to important sections of the site; the Forums and "Play Now!" Chat section.

Imperia Academy - If you are very new to Role Play on IRC, then we recommend you go here. This is a tutorial towards more basic concepts and functions and will help educate you. This section is recommended only for the very, very novice/beginner people to Role Play on IRC and FFRP in general. NOTE!! - As of this writing, the Primer is undergoing construction, while the Academy is undergoing renovations. The Primer is not, as of this writing, functional, but will become functional at a later time.

The Primer - If you are new to Imperia but not new to IRC RP and FFRP, then we recommend you go there. The section is written with the assumption that you are already experienced in role play on IRC, and just need the general information on Imperia to begin.
NOTE!! - As of this writing, the Primer is undergoing construction. We instead recommend you visit our Wiki-based Primer and ask all questions at #Imperia.

The World of Imperia - This section is for those already familiar with Imperia and serves as the main section of the site; Maps, Bestiary, Religion and other setting information can be found there.

Imperia Forum - A direct link to our Forum. Setting discussion occurs here, as does some Play-by-Post RP. Character applications also must be posted here.

Play Now! - Already have an approved character? Want to visit one of our chat channels and ask questions? This link will lead to our chat center page, with various links directing you to different rooms via a Web-based IRC Client.

The AcademyThe Primer

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