We thank you for your interest in Imperia and hope you find the website informative and useful and that you enjoy your time at our channels. Imperia, a united group of players & channels, use the Imperia storyline which focuses on the events and people of the planet Imperia as well as other worlds in the Imperia universe. Our campaign setting first started off by focusing on the First Damocles-Shadow Knight War and from that point in 1996 we have continued to expand and grow and we hope to keep on growing in the future. 

    We take a serious approach to this because it matters to all of us. This is not your regular little IRC RP Channel in which no one gives a damn about the setting and is more concerned with getting laid. All the players and ops here contribute to make the channels grow and add their own unique style of role playing and storytelling into the mix. Imperia is determined to rise up above the pack and make a name for itself and we exist to make good stories and to enjoy ourselves. If this seriousness, attention to detail, and desire to make high quality RP is something you cannot tolerate then there are plenty of other channels out there; Imperia is not for everyone.

    A basic understanding of Role Play is required before starting only to familiarize yourself with the setting and world of Imperia. While this may seem like a lot all then I remind you that Imperia is not for the beginning Role Player however we are willing to teach those who want to learn and improve themselves. We cater to those seeking more than the usual fare of soap opera RP found in most huge channels and people wanting to push their characters to the limit however those that have joined are happy they did and have remained loyal "Imperians" for years.

    Our Role Play can be fast paced and sometimes the Plots require a keen eye to spot. If you are the type of person who sits around waiting for others to entertain you, cannot concern yourself to notice the city around you then expect to be passed by as the world lives and breaths around you. We welcome all people who have imagination, think good role play revolves around what relationships their characters make with the other roles and stuff around them and are open minded to new concepts and ideas. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules, respect our Plots and have an eye for quality. Do we try to please everyone? No. That is impossible. But those that have tried our RP and took the time to get integrated in have found our RP and storylines to be quiet addictive.  Feedback and comments are vital to our growth so please let us hear what you have to say.


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